We understand the excitement and challenges that come with starting a new life in a foreign country. Emigrating requires a lot of planning, especially when you’re an entrepreneur that needs to understand the various financial processes and regulations of your new country of residence. From setting up a bank account to understanding new tax systems, there is so much that you need to learn to prepare yourself for life as an expat. Wyntrill Financial aims to help in any way that we can with this process, providing expert financial advice using our own experiences as global expatriates.

After all, you’ve already taken a massive step by deciding to move to a new country, so you deserve the chance to make the best start possible on your exciting adventure. That’s where Wyntrill Financial can help.

Shankar Meganatha knows firsthand the challenges of expats with their life, jobs, investments, properties, taxes while living in other countries. While he was growing up, he lived his life in suitcases and traveled like a nomad. Shankar is a technology sales and marketing professional turned entrepreneur with a goal to live freedom lifestyle and travel around the world. His passion is to help other digital nomads. He now owns properties, businesses, and investments in multiple countries and can share his insights and experience to help others.